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Does it cost anything to join the program?

No – Mamoun’s Rewards is free!

How does the program work?

You receive one point for every pre-tax dollar you spend at any participating Mamoun’s. When you reach 60 Points, we’ll put one Free Side on your card that can be used at any Mamoun’s participating locations. Points will be rounded to the nearest dollar.

How do I become a member?

Joining is easy, simply:

1) Create a loyalty account on our website.

2) Download our mobile app (App Store or Google Play) and create an account.


3) Pick up a card in-store and register it online.

I can’t find the app in the Apple iTunes store, why is that?

The app requires iOS 7 which doesn’t run on some older devices (like the iPhone 3G) and therefore will not appear in the iTunes store.

I’ve downloaded the app, but I can’t remember my username or password. What do I do?

If you are already a registered Mamoun’s Rewards member, on the app, under the login, click on the “Forgot username or password?” link. This will direct you to another screen where you can enter your email address tied to the account or your card number to reset your account. You can also click here.

If you are not a Mamoun’s Rewards member, then you will want to create an account here.

How many points do I need to get a free side?

Once you receive 60 Points, you will earn a Free Side!

Do I get points when I purchase a gift card or place a catering order?

Unfortunately, not at this time.

Do I have to register my card to redeem my free side?

Yes, but it’s really easy. To register, click here or visit the app store and download our Mamoun’s Rewards mobile app.

How long do I have to wait to redeem my free side after I register?

They’ll be available immediately for your next transaction / purchase.

What free side options are there?

A free side is one choice of seasoned fries, small hummus, small baba ganouj, pita chips, lentil soup, seasoned rice, grape leaves, pickled veggies, small tabbouleh, small mamoun's salad, or a side of falafel.

Note: Not all eligible items are available at every location.

If I reach the 60 point threshold in a visit, can I redeem my free side in that same visit?

You can redeem your Free Side on your next visit, as long as your card is already registered.

Can I combine cards?

Yes! Just reach out to for assistance.

Can I share my account with other people?

The Mamoun’s Rewards program was created as a means to reward our loyal customers and is not intended for one account to be shared across multiple people.

What happens to my card if it’s lost or stolen?

If you have an active account, we can replace your card. Just visit your local Mamoun's, request a new loyalty card, and email us at so we can add it to your account.

If you order online, through the app, or through our self-serve kiosk, then you don’t even need a card!

It looks like 60 points were deducted from my card for no reason—why is that?

Don’t worry – you haven’t lost your Points. Those Points were converted into a Free Side reward.

How long do I have to redeem my free side?

Once your Points have been converted into a Free Side, you have 30 days to redeem.

Do you have birthday promotions?

We do, come celebrate with us and receive a Free Sandwich for your birthday! On your birthday, we will credit your account.

Just registered for a loyalty account with us and had your birthday within the same week, but missed our free gift? No worries! As a courtesy, you will still be able to receive your gift the Monday following your birthday.

Do you have a Refer-A-Friend program?

We do! Simply:

1) Log-in to your account online, click on “send Referrals” under “Spread The Word”, and share via direct link or e-mail.


2) Log-in to the app, click on Refer-A-Friend, and share via text message or e-mail.

Your invitee will receive 30 Points upon registering and you will receive 30 Points when your guest registers and orders from our location using their loyalty account.

Each account is able to earn bonus Points in this way for 5 invitees per calendar year and 25 invitees total.

Will I be inundated with emails once I register?

No, but you will automatically be signed up for receiving e-mails from time to time to that keep you up-to-date on special promotions and other Mamoun’s News. And yes, you can opt out of communications at any time, but still be able to order using the app or online.

I just created an account for the app, do I need to create another account to use online ordering?

No, our online ordering and loyalty program are a part of the same system, so there is no need to create two accounts. Go ahead and log-in using the same credentials either in-app or online!

I have additional questions or comments, who can I speak to about this?

Great question! If you have any other questions about Mamoun’s Rewards card or program, feel free to reach out to us at for additional support.

Download the App!

Remind me, where do I download?

We have a few options:

1) Download our mobile app (App Store or Google Play).

2) Pick up a card in-store and register it online.


3) Simply join on our website under Rewards.